Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Day in Hospital

Hayden needed to spend 6 hours in a planned hospital visit today.  He was having a renal function test done and that requires time to get it right.  The day went something like this

  1. Arrive at the hospital, go to Daystay to get the needle inserted into Haydens port a cath
  2. Go the Nuclear Medicine Department....wait
  3. Have the special dye inserted into the port a cath access point (the vein)
  4. Wait for two hours.
  5. Have blood taken
  6. Wait for one hour
  7. Have blood taken
  8. Wait for one hour
  9. Have last blood taken
  10. Go home

The hardest part of this day is that there are limited things to do at the hospital and Hayden, with a short attention span, did all of these things in half an hour.  Oh boy.  The rest of the time was simply difficult and tiring.

Here is the port a cath ready for todays action.

Having a ride on one of those $1 ride things.

Hayden got to particiapte in a holiday programme and made this fish.