Friday, 22 May 2009

Just some days....

Just some days seem to run like clock work and I can sit there and wonder what I have done all day and how lucky I am in life. So why is it that some days just fall apart from the moment you get out of bed in the morning to the moment the last child goes to bed and is asleep?

Yesterday was just one of those days. From the moment I got everyone out of bed I was greeted by the moans and groans of resistance to rising in the cold and I am tired. I understand. It is cold and I of all people detest the cold and as to the moans about tired I suggest going to sleep earlier would help. DS2 took 30 minutes to arrive at the breakfast table and then was upset because his breakfast was not ready. Hmmmm who does he think I am, a mind reader or something.

Anyway breakfast is over and DD and DS2 decide to have a verbal moment at the top of their lungs, yep all the neighbours heard.

Next we are in the car for school and DS2 had no cleaned his teeth despite reminding him so home we went and everyone was late to school. I was not happy at all by now.

So the day goes as days do when one is at home doing the SAHM thing. Chores chores and more chores. Time to take a breath and prepare for after school.

After school started as the morning did. One disaster after another. Tetchy children and by now tetchy me. Why is it that this always happens on the night that DS2 plays his hockey game and we are really pushed for time.

Get to hockey for 5pm, not a great time and DS1 has no calm him down drugs in his system and packs a massive tantrum, including every piece of bad behaviour and language he could think of. I was so embarrassed. Next time we have to all go to hockey I think we will sit in the car.

More moments when we get home from all children and by then I am tired and running short of patience.

The last straw was DD who was still awake at 8.45pm asking me how she can get to sleep.

I promised myself when the new day woke I would be extra ordinarily positive, take ownership of the things I could prevent from happening again and move on.

Thankfully today was so much better it is hard to believe that yesterday happened as it did.