Friday, 5 March 2010

Putting the Zing Back

Yup that's it.  I am trying to put back or even add more zing into my house.  Life has had its pressures in the last few years years for us.  Really since Hayden got sick we have been busy with the rest of life and adjusting our life and me trying to keeping our nuclear unit safe. 

I have decided to change that now that it has been 4 years since all the drama of Hayden started.  I have been thinking that my DH and I need to make time and find energy to add more zing into our marriage.  Not that it is in trouble but really needs a little.......spring clean ....I suppose.  So I visited many a site around the www came across one that gave me heaps of ideas just to spring board off.

So I have made a plan and when my husband goes away for work I am getting back to putting little notes in his case.  Send him little special email messages etc while away.  You can't do a togetherness moment while he is sitting London and I am stuck here in little old New Zealand.

Then I have set aside one night for us for the 3 days he has at home before he goes away for 13 nights.

Ah now you can see why I need to plan and even plan to be spontaneous.  When DH is at work he is away for lenghts of time ranging from two nights to 13 nights.  Just part of the rhythm of our life.

So watch out I have a plan and now to get the by in from DH.