Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Why it is great to go to work.

With term 3 just begun here in New Zealand I am busy working at primary schools on a day by day basis. I have been thinking today about why I actually work and what about work makes happy. Yes I did use the word happy and work together in one sentence. So I made a list.

1. Most importantly it gives me a life outside of the home. This is really important for me.

2. My brain gets stimulated. Yes the good old grey matter needs a work out and mine gets that from going to work. No two days as a teacher are the same, thank goodness. The old addage rings true, variety is the spice of life.

3. I get to meet a huge range of people as a teacher.

4. I am challenged to see life through different lenses. Life is never boring.

5. Of course this one needs to be on the list. Gives us a little more financial freedom. (This year a new to us car.)

I would like to be able to add to this that I inspire children to learn but as a relief teacher the opportunity to do this is limited. I do hope that in every class I go into that at least one child will learn something.

So here I am after a day at work looking terrible but work recording.

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