Monday, 27 December 2010

Monday Menu 27 December

My last menu for 2010.  I just dont know where the year has gone.

Monday  pot roast meat cooked in the slow cooker with salad

Tuesday  beef wrap

Wednesday  easy vegetable curry

Thursday  korma vegetable curry  (this recipe with a korma curry paste)

Friday  Macaroni and vegetable soup

Saturday  lamb chops (on the bbq) with baked potato and salad

Sunday  chicken kebab with salad on egg noodles

I think I might just do it.

I  am always setting myself goals at the beginning of the year.  Yes I am goal driven but hopefully it also keeps me focussed.  For me food, fitness and motivation are always on the list, usually under the same bullet point.

This year though I am very proud of myself because I think I might just achieve a good level of fitness (well for me anyway) and consequently my thin wardrobe is going to get a work out this summer.

I know that I fluctuate and at times my thinking persuades me that it is ok not to exercise, not to plan my menus ahead but deep down I know that I need to do both of these things.  I have got past the fact that I think I cant run while push the 33kg (buggy and DS2) but guess what I can and I am doing it.

I even scrapped booked about excersizing while the children where at school.

Credits can be found here.

 That was way back in March 2010.  It has taken me all this time to accept that I have no easy solution and enough with the excuses.

Now to add a few more new recipes to my list of can do and all like list and next year I will be looking at maintaining things at my happy level.

Naturally there will be challenges as I know I am an emotional eater but I am determined that I can over come this.  Perhaps I can just make sure I cook in advance when I am working and DH is away.

So here three of us are,  DD did not want to be take part in our photo moment, DS2 in the buggy still with medication to finish, DS3 with his bike ready to go and ofcouse me all ready.