Thursday, 6 January 2011

Freezer Jam

With strawberries at there cheapest here in New Zealand and I have some time due to holidays I thought that I would would have a go a making some freezer jam.  Now I am new to jam making but bravely set to work.  The strawberries were very cheap, just $5.00 for what I needed.  I used this recipe from Simple Organic.  I could not find any sugar free pectin but went ahead anyway with what I could find. 

So here are my six little jars just cooling on the bench. 

The ingredients I used were

  • fresh strawberries  -  six small punnets made the 4 crushed cups I needed bought from the man sitting on the side of the road selling them.
  • I packet of jam making pectin
  • white grape juice.  I could only find the Grapetiser Sparkling White Grape Juice.
  • honey - the runny variety.

I hope it tastes fine when the family comes to give it the taste test.