Tuesday, 18 August 2009

How long can it take to go to sleep?

One of the challenges in our house is the fact that DS1 has immense trouble going to sleep at night. Some nights are by far worse than others.

Now with my other children this could possibly be explained away but with DS1 having suffered serious brain atrophy (injury) it is hard to know why he is not sleep even after he has been up for 14 hours.

In our house, because of DS1 we all rise in the morning at 0615 hour. In mind this is early especially when my children are on 5, 6 and 8 years old and school does not start until 0900.

Tonight has been exhausting. He has gone to bed at the usual time but sleep...impossible. He has torn his room apart, his nappy, which is only worn at night time, off, called out for his dad consistently for nearly 2 1/2 hours and done everything except sleep in his room. It is driving me crazy and consequently I am sitting here blogging instead so I can't hear him.

I know that he is just wanting my attention, well his Dads really, but to give in to this it just seems to keep him awake and calling out for more and more attention.

We undertake the same bedtime routine with him each night, have tried calming music and cant think of anything else to solve this problem. His brain just does not work like other peoples and does not seem to unwind at times.

On nights like this I need all my coping strategies. Thank goodness for my blog.

oh this is what one terrible tired little boy looks like after 8pm.

and lets not forget the manipulative distraction....a drink and a sore finger that needs a plaster....With his medical condition a drink is a key attention grabber.

Here is a page created saying this.

credits are here at Nuts4Digi

Goodnight all.