Wednesday, 15 May 2013

April in Numbers

I know I am a little late but the month not sooner finished and the school holidays were over.  Once again we were back into full swing.

  • 12 days of March were school holidays.  The end of term 1 which unusually had 11 weeks in it so everyone in our house was really tired.
  • My husband and I had for the very first time 4 days and night with no children at home.  We really didn't know what to do with ourselves. 
  • Did you know that when you fly around New Zealand domestically your 12 year old is classed as an adult but when flying without an adult they are still a child.  As if I did not know that my lovely 12 year old is still a child.

  • It rained finally.  After many months without rain and having to buy rain twice we finally have day enough rain.  Now all I can say is that we don't need any more...50,000 litres of water tanks are now full.  So rain please stop.
  • The ride on mower is now officially irreparable.  So now it takes 3.5 hours to hand mow it and because it is raining the grass is growing  Here is my grass after it being mown.

  • My little boy who is 9 spent his last day at his school.  He is moving to a new school.  It was a sad and exciting moment for him.  
  • The winter sport, hockey, trials we held and teams names with both my children excited about the teams they are in.  What hockey means for our Saturday morning is usually two games at two different destinations.  We are left charging around Auckland.
  • My term of 0.5 work (2 1/2 ) days a week has turning into 0.7 days (3 1/2).  This is good news as it gives me steady work without being full time.
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