Friday, 16 December 2011

The Summer List

With summer here (well it is raining and feeling terribly summery today) and the school holidays have just begun so I thought a list of things to so will be the best way for me to collate my results.  My mind is jumbled with lots of things I want my little family to try and things that I must do while the weather is warmer.

So it would be fun to
  • find some more walks through the reserves similar to Hunia
  • take the children to an off road biking venue
  • take Andre to the beach to help improve his confidence in sea water
  • take Andre fishing I think we all can go
  • Have a go at surfing after some lessons
  • Playing some board games.  I especially like Cranium but any fun games will do
Then maybe we could make
For the house I will need to
  • work out what kind of edging I will need to do around the gardens I will have soon.  The flower need sorting and start working on that
  • think about lighting and try to improve the quality of light inside and out.
  • decide on the paint colour inside and out so paint can be purchase and curtaining can be decided on
Getting ready for the new school year
  • sort out McKenzies musical instrument she has to learn this year.
  • stationary will need to be ordered on line
  • the last school skirt for McKenzie will need to be purchased when in stock
Craft things with the children
This looks like enough for the moment.

I can't wait to get started.