Tuesday, 23 February 2010


For the first time since returning to New Zealand March 2006 we have been able to organise respite care for Hayden and go away on a summer holiday.

Much to our other childrens delight we decided to go camping.  So with tent, bbq and bedding off we went to the wonder Hahei.

For many New Zealanders camping is nothing new, it is more like part of the summer culture to go camping.  For our children it was a first time experience as all their other holidays had been in appartment accommodation with all the whistles and bells to go.

Our camping experience was in full outfitted camp ground.  Which is great for me as there are two things that I simply must have when camping; a flushing loo and hot running shower.  I can deal with the unpowered site we had but the children could not get their head around what it was going to be like without electricity.

The things they missed

1. CD player in their bedroom

2.  A fridge to keep the drink cold

3.  Lights to read by at night

4.  Curtains to darken their bedroom

That was all.  Can you believe it.  I have to say that the dishes was a novelty.  DD asked 'who or what was going to do the dishes' as we walked to the kitchen with dishes and tea towel in had.  When I told her we were she thought that I was joking.  I guess I have made a mistake by having a dishwasher that needs to be stacked............No never, I love my dishwasher and how clean things look at the end of the cycle.

As for me.  I love the quality family time you get when camping.  I love the back to basics feeling that prevails and that there are no distractions that modern life brings.

Photos will follow when my software arrives later this week.