Saturday, 24 July 2010

Dare to try Hybrid

I have an adverse response to any crafting activity that involves scissors.

This is very ironical considering that I started my digital scrapbooking journey through more traditional card making.  Now I wonder what I ever did without the delete or undo buttons on my faithful Photoshop programme.

I am seriously in awe of the incredible talent that hybrid artists have.  Take a look at The Hybrid Chick and you will what I mean just as a start.

Moving on and in conjunction with my budget managment refinement that I have been doing, I started by really liking the ideas of  Dave Ramsey.  This fitted really nicely with me because when we lived in Brunei there was very little access to any forms of plastic cash.  Cash was always necessary when doing the everyday shopping.  In fact I have been using cash for quite some time but this post just refined things a little more for me.

One thing moved to another, well really I just added Daves post to my favourites and stored the idea for a while.  Finally I was templeted to be more proactive when I discovered this project by Kelleigh Ratzclaff which came with a freebie, envelopes (how hard could they be).

Oh such lovely envelopes and I just had to make them.  I even have a stash of paper from my card making days sitting in the cupboard along with some double sided tape and a fabulous pair of scissors.  Oh yes I have the most lovely, accurate(except when I am using them) and sharp scissors just begging to be used.

So in no time I had 8 fabulous looking envelopes which I am particularly proud of.  I have no idea where I am going to keep them but my wallet is not suitable.