Friday, 15 June 2012


there is only one way to describe what happened to day and that is ....finally.  Yes you read it.  After nearly 14 months of waiting, seeing 3 Occupational Therapist depart their job  we are finally in possession of one Hayden appropriate carseat and one all terrain buggy suitable for running with and use when at those early morning sports fixtures. Of course the long wait was primarily because we could not afford these items and were waiting for some funding in a pool of money from the government.

I know that this buggy will never be out grown by Hayden as he is just about 10 cm short of his full grown height.  He sure has room to grow into it and  same with the carseat. 

The carseat is escape proof so fingers crossed it holds up to this end of its description.  He loves it and I know if he is throwing a tantrum he will no longer be able to escape.

Then there is the buggy.  Way big, fits in the car and Hayden loves it without even stepping foot outside for a test drive.

I am sure smiling today.