Monday, 19 September 2011

Monday Menu 19 September

Here I am finally and hopefully now I have moved house I will be back regularly posting menus on a Monday.

Monday  Chicken Salad with wholemeal pasta

Tuesday  spaghetti bolognasie

Wednesday  Cold meat (done in the crockpot) with salad as there will only be two of us at home for dinner.

Thursday  Then leftovers from wednesday

Friday  bacon and pumpkin pizza

Saturday  vietnamese vegetable spring rolls

Sunday    bbq - with these side dishes.  I am thinking that the kebab sticks will be a starter.

I am linking this post to I'm an Organising Junkie.

Moving the Pool part 2

So the pool was moved from the yard last friday.  I shared the photos in a post here last weeks.  Since then it really has rained so much that the ground I am trying to get ready for lawn seed, (being spring it is the right time of the year for grass seed) has just been too saturated to work with.

Meanwhile I sit here looking out my window looking at all the manual labour that I will need to put in to help get the yard into some sort of order.  Nothing too ambitious to start with a bit of grass would be good.  So to give you an idea.  We have 1.5 acres and these views show where the yard is going to be.

So starting from the left.  There is that pool that was pulled out of the ground.  We are not sure what will happen to that at this stage.

Scanning across you can see right in the front the spot that the pool came from and just a small clump of tree for a little privacy.

Then you can see out the left of my view.  They are fruit trees you can see and supposidly a mowable lawn.  Mind you quite a bit of work will be required to get that grass into a state that a lawnmower will go over it.

Of course there is nothing like completing the picture.  Then there is the finishing work required on the deck.  Hmmm.

I feel the strengthening of my bicepts and tricepts. major muscle groups happening.