Friday, 1 April 2011


Food is something we all need and cant live without.  This is really emphasised to us in our house as Haydens medical condition discourages him from having an appetite of any significance.  He has significant calorific input through his mickey button and then can have his pick of any snack food in the house.  Haydens lack of calorie intake is event in his height.  His is very short for his age and grows very little.

This brings me to my daughter.  She is just starting to talk about what she should and should not eat.  It concerns me that because of the unique nature of Haydens eating she will being to think about food in an unhealthy way.  Vegetables are already a struggle for her to eat and I try hard to be creative in the way I deliver them.

So we now have a new catch phrase

You need to eat this to grow taller (she is short for her age) and stronger (because she needs to be strong to play the hockey she is so passionate about.)

Luckily McKenzie has been learning all about food at school and the importance of balance including exercise so in an unexpected way I am getting support from other avenues including her own research.

I have scrapbooked this right here.

Creddits can be found here at Weeds and Wildflowers