Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fridays Fabulous Finds #23

What a week.  At last the school holidays are here and I am ready for a break for the busy routine of the school term.

Here are my links for this week.

1.  Creating fun survival kits as gifts is something new for me and I made a couple today.  Here are a some links you might like to give you an idea or two.
         Try  Survival kit as gift Ideas
         this forum quest has quite a few  links to look at.
         Then from here a fantastic list to look through

2.  Now if you have pre schoolers in your house and like retelling stories.  Then perhaps The Three Little Pigs might just be on your list now.

3.  An article about cell phones an children.  This one has become of interest to me as my daughter is going away for the first time on an 8 day camp and they have to take their own phone to commicate with home should the need arise.

4.  How about using rubber bands to decorate a present.  Might just be a little fun.

5.  How about this little beauty as a home made gift.

Friday, 28 September 2012

Just a Little Creative Fun

With all the time that I spend taking my children off to one activity or another there is inevitably two children waiting for one to finish.  Sometimes we are waiting in the car and other times, just like this one, we have a little fun. 

Camera in hand and after a dig around in my handbag, one airplane later and a few blurry photos later ....

The credits can be found here at Nuts4Digi.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday 26 Septmeber

Last weekend was the last of the winter sport in our house.  So my boys had a treat (ahem) while there sister was busy fund raising for her Auckland Under 13 Girls hockey team.

It sure looks like they were enjoying their sausage in bread covered in the works.

I am linking this to My Little Drummer Boys.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

When does being Disabled Officially mean Disabled?


Today I had the uneviable task of providing evidence to the necessary government department that my son is still disabled.  Yes you read that right....still disabled.  I have to say when I first read the letter asking me to do this I was somewhat perplexed.  In fact I sat there asking myself if this was something that parents of children would lie about? 

So then what does New Zealand determine a disabled? Hmmm according to the State Services Commision it is

" Statistics NZ defines disability as "any self-perceived limitation in activity resulting from a long-term condition or health problem; lasting longer or expected to last longer than six months or more and not completely eliminated by an assistive device".2 Statistics NZ also draws on the World Health Organisation's functional definition of disability of "...any restriction or lack (resulting from an impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner of within the range considered normal for a human being".3'"

I am postitive that someone with high medcial needs, significant cognative and behavioural needs is disabled.  In fact any one of these issues my son has would make him disabled on its own. Anyway I went down to the local government depart that required this of me and asked why yet again do I need to prove to them that my son is as he is.  Rules she said.  I think really it is an unnecessary and insensitive process that is treating my family like we are untrustworthy people.  Not pleasant at all.


Ok now I feel a little better

(PS my son is not in a wheelchair, nor have any other notable diablitly to look at)

Monday Menu 24 September

The last week of the school term is here and I am really hanging out for the two week break that this school holiday will gives before the final 9 weeks of the school year.

So here is my menu.

Monday   Easy Fried Rice

Tuesday  Red Curry chicken Skewers with grilled bok choy

Wednesday  Chicken caesar salad

Thursday  Chicken Korma on rice

Friday  Falafel in Pitta

Saturday  chickpea and vegetable patties with salsa

Sunday  Leftovers

I am linking this to I'm an Organising Junkie

Sunday, 23 September 2012

I can't believe it I am planning the Christmas Photo already.

With it being less than 100 days to Christmas and the last of this years school holidays almost here in New Zealand I have been sitting here thinking about my Christmas card photo for this year.  I have done the childrens portrait two years in a row.  This year though I am thinking that I need to spice the photo up as last years was hard to beat in the format I used.

So here is my short list for this year.

There is this tutorial I had bookmarked from last year at Weeds and Wildflowers.

christmas card 2009 Countdown to Christmas day 1: the sign of a great photo shoot
Then I like this series from Joop Joop.  I love the desaturated look a lot.  Just wonder what 3 children would look like like this.
I think that this idea sure has some merrit for a Christmas card.  Look at this post from I heart faces and think it is worth giving it a try.

Of course what you really need are some ideas on how to make that great Christmas photo and on Kayla la Moreauz's web site you can read just some ideas to get you started.
I would love more ideas so I am still browsing but in one week I will be getting that photo organised and shot with my little point and snap camera.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Fridays Fabulous Five #22

The weeks are sure rolling by.  Here is my list this week.

1.  Here is a little useful bit information when it comes to sticking labels on glass here at How about Orange

2.  I am on the lookout for a new menu planner.  These are just worth a look.

3.  Have a try at this when it comes to food in your house.  I did and thought that I could give it another try as the results were just perfect and easy.

4.  This post about Facebook is certainly worth a read and due consideration.

5.  A list of 20 best Book Serious for Young Adults

Please feel free to post any links you think I might like to look at.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday 19 September

Here is the lollipop birthday cake I made for Hayden to share at school with his friends.


I am linking this post to My Little Drummer Boys

Happy Birthday to my new 10 year old.

Last week I was busy making a cake to decorate for Haydens birthday.

It was nearly 7 years ago that changed his and our lifes forever and Hayden became the person he is today.  A miracle in may ways.

So in the annual tradition I made a special birthday cake and took it into school for him to celebrate and then we have a party at home with the leftover cake and do the other party things that he loves to do.

So heres to a party filled with lots of wrapping paper and candles to blow out.  Hayden is only interestd in blowing the candles out as he does not eat cake.

A photo of the cake will be in the this weeks wordless wednesday.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday Menu 17 September

Here is my menu for this week. 

Monday   Easy Fried Rice 

Tuesday  Sweet and sour chicken stir fry with noodles

Wednesday  chickpea and vegetable patties with salsa and a green salad

Thursday  Healthy Nachos

Friday  Indonesian Gado Gado

Saturday  Chinese chicken salad with creamy soy dressing

Sunday  Leftovers. 

I am linking this page to I'm and Organising Junkie

Fridays Fabulous Five # 21

Ok so it is not Friday but I thought that I would post this anyway.

Here are my finds this week.

1. I really love this idea for outdoor decorating especially with the festive season quickly arriving.


2.  Over at eighteen25 blog you will find a month of posts on crafts for Halloween.  Now while we do not do Halloween in our house there are plenty of ideas that can be adapted for parties and Christmas.

3.  There is an interesting read here at The Stones Soup on How to avoid chemicals in your food without spending a fortune.

4.  Just sometimes I am in awe of what people can achieve and this young woman has done incredibly well here in New Zealand.  Phoenix Cosmetics for me is a little inspiration and a little eye candy too.

5.  Finally with the end of the school year only one term away this article was worth another read just to remind me about why I get rid of lots of school stuff at the end of the school year.

Feel free to let me know of any links that you find that are worth looking up.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Wordless Wednessday 12 September

Here is my photo.  It is taken while driving over the Auckland Harbour Bridge. 

It was a very gloomy day when I took this but I love looking at the structure.
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Tuesday, 11 September 2012



Definition (from


1. ( sometimes initial capital letter ) resembling or befitting Don Quixote.
2. extravagantly chivalrous or romantic; visionary, impractical, or impracticable.
3. impulsive and often rashly unpredictable.
Sometimes life just needs a little (or maybe a lot) of faith and I don't necessarily mean the religious kind but certainly not excluding it.
I know in my life Hayden brings the need to be planned and organised down to the last moment.  The stress that we as a family live under is bigger than most anyone can imagine and the sad thing is that there is very little we can do about it.  Like anybody life has its ups and downs, it stressors and it joyful moments.  Sometime I know that we are surviving on a day to day basis and hanging out for our little window of residential respite care so we can just chill out.  I know that for my husband and I, our relationship is put under immense pressure but I live knowing that we can get through all of this and that I love my husband just so much.
So in aide of these thoughts this page came to light....just popped into my mind when I read the definition.
You can find the credits for this page here at Nuts4Digi

Monday Menu 10 September

Here is my menu this week. 

Monday  Easy Fried Rice.

Tuesday  Beef crock pot meal with green veges

Wednesday  meatballs on spaghetti

Thursday  steak,  potato and salad

Friday  hamburgers with salad

Saturday  crockpot corned beef and cabbage

Sunday  leftovers

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Friday, 7 September 2012

Fridays Fabulous Finds # 20

Oh my gosh this is my twentieth post of my finds.  This is what I have been reading this weeks out there in the world wide web.

1.  100 best Childrens books a post on Childrens Books Guide.  I can see there are a few I need to take out of the library and have a read.

2.  Then there are 10 Simple Things to make you Happier at Home

3.  31 Days, I am thinking it might just the right thing to bring a little focus to my little blog.

4.  What about reading how to pay your mortgage off quickly.  I am always keen to see the reality of this especially when you have children.

5.  In need of a laugh.....then try this pintrest tag.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday 5 September

Spring is officially here.

Our plum tree.

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August in Numbers

Winters last month has is now over.  Here is what it looked like.

3 is the number of fejoa trees we chopped down in the little yard at our place.  It looks a mess at the moment but in the that ugly fence line is going to show a hedge of camillias.  I can't wait.  In the meantime there is 1 garden hitting me right in the eye that now, that the rain has stopped, I can get out and weed, decide on some garden edging and use the gardening vouchers we have been given to add to the plants that are there.  Then out of my side door the view will, by the middle of summer look decidedly more pleasant.

2 Saturday mornings without out hockey.  Hmmm not necessarily what we want right before the end of the club season but there you go.  Just as I have got used the sleep in we are back to a 7.30 at the turf. 

8 months was how long it took the experimental potato to sprout so that Andre could find out if he could grow a potato.

Then there is the 1 cow we have, to keep the grass in the 2 paddocks down, who jumped the fence to see if the grass was greener on the other side. (Oh yes we ran out of grass and had to mow the little growth we had on our lawn to feed the cow)

155 hours this month were spent waiting for Mckenzie to get off the bus after school.  You can tell that I had time to fill because I worked this fact out.

This month DH did a 13 day trip to London and back.  I have to say it seems like a long time when he is chilling out while away and I am rushing around like a bull in a china shop.

The price of petrol went up 3 times in 7 days in August.  Grrrr.

My really good friend, who now lives in England was back in New Zealand on holiday for the 1st time since since McKenzie was born 11 years ago

Finally McKenzie got her braces on.  0 teeth need extracting and in 2 years (fingers crossed) her teeth will all be in alignment and then she will need a plate or such like to keep them all in place until the final lot of baby teeth fall out when she is about 15.

I am linking this post to Notes on Paper

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Fridays Fabulous Five # 19

Here they are for this week.  So great finds out there on the world wide web.

1.  If you are interested in earthquakes and other such phenomena then Geonet from New Zealand will facinate you.

2.  Try some fun photography with this little trick on your camera lens I found at My Scrapbook Art. 

3.  Looks for an easy recipe for scones.  I tried this this afternoon and it works a treat.

4.  Another recipe.  An easy recipe for ginger beer.

5.  Finally I am always in need for Fathers Day ideas and here is a great selection of ideas. My children have tucked there little gifts/ cards in their father suitcase secretly as he is away for Fathers Days.