Saturday, 21 March 2009

Big Boys Toys

You guessed it. I spent the day visiting a big boys toys display.....a military airshow. 50,000 people, about 20,000 cars, three children and DH don't make for a happy me.

It was a fantastically warm and sunny autumn day which was a bonus as it could have been much worse being autumn. The planes made all the right noises and demonstrated the appropriate amount of speed for DH and DS2 to be suitably impressed. DS1 whinged a great portion of the afternoon because he wanted a ride on something, looking was not good enough and DD and I followed along.

The hardest part of the the day probably was being stuck in the traffic jams for about 3 hours in total. I think coming home we traveling about 10m in the first hour. Yes with military precision traffic was smoothly funneled out of the two exits. Of course I say this with sarcasm as I am now really tired and cant wait to put my feet up.

Here is a photo of the slow planes, not sure what they are, but they were slow enough for me to use my point and snap camera.

and the family looking skyward