Saturday, 28 February 2009

Why is it....

Why is it that I detest having my photo taken so much that when I have no choice but to produce my image I feel like I having a mug shot done?

Why is it I never look at the great green eyes I have or the fabulous hair colour I have put in at the moment or even the lovely straight teeth that came about through orthodontic work as a teenager?

Surely I ask myself, my self esteem is not that low. Then I think some more and realise that I rarely look at myself in the mirror either. Simply long enough for a little make up when I am going to work and a quick brush of my hair and that's it.

Hmmmmm....I have tried everything when posting my image. Just the top of my head, my eyes only and hidden behind the camera.

I guess there is nothing more to hide. Watch out for the next installment a page with my photo on it.

P365 Weeks 7 and 8

Goodness me time does fly. I have decided that I will post my LO rather than burden myself with daily posts which I never accomplished anyway.

So here is week 7.

Everyting on this LO is from Life 365 kit from WW

This week I tried to address the fact that my DD has not featured in many of the photos. Unfortunately they are not the best of shots but none the less they are great representations of those moments in time when all you have time to do is point and snap.

Featuring also is the shell of my computer. There is nothing operable left inside as the generic components inside stopped co operating with us. Luckily I had everything backed up on our external hard drive.

Week 8

Everything on this page is from Life365 kit from WW

As you can see I do feature here not once but twice. I simple hate being in front of the camera but was forced to produce a shot Nuts4Digi where I am on their creative team. So just before heading out to work, with a slightly painted face I got DH to take a shot or 7 so I had a selection to pick from. Boy is it a shock to zoom in on those parts of the face that are prone to .......looking a little weathered. In fact I would not advise anyone to do this as it might just cause distress and send you out making decisions that you might not otherwise have done so.

Well I am all up to date now.