Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wordless Wednesday 11 February

Nothing like summer in my house.

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Just look inside

With February being the month of things from the heart I thought that it would be timely to consider what it is deep inside me that I love. 

There is no way around it that most if not all, people have things they love that have never emerged to reach the light of day.  I am no exception. I love the fact though that the most important things that I love are out there for that matter to family.

But seriously it vital that I love myself first and foremost.  Without that nothing else really matters....well in my opinion.  I am at a point where, but I guess I have always known it, that I have to put myself first in the list of things I love.  As part of my life make over I more deeply realise that if I don't love myself then it is difficult to be a happy place.

So loving myself now looks like this:

  • make sure I exercise as it, by default, gives me time for myself.
  • eat a balanced diet and don't deny myself the treats.  They are part of the balance.
  • laugh......everyday.   I am sure it shares all those happy endorphins and it is contagious.  Finally I am sure that I have read somewhere laughing helps keep the face well toned and in my steadily advancing years that is important.
  • dream and be inspired to fill my life with things that I love.
 With that I leave you a quote to think about for today.

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Monday Menu 10 February

Another school week is underway and all the after school activities for my children has begun.  Some are even first thing in the morning.  So I am still trying to remember what I do for my meals when I am out and about being taxi driver.

Monday  spaghetti bolognese

Tuesday   leftover meat from monday with salad and baked potato.

Wednesday  chicken capsicum red onion and mango chutney wraps (my own recipe)

Thursday   Vegetarian quesadillas

Friday  home made hamburgers 

Saturday  kung pao chicken zoodles

Sunday  leftovers

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