Friday, 25 June 2010

In Costume for School

My children found out on Tuesday that they needed to come dressed to school in historical costume.  That is not easy for me as I am not so good with this kind of idea.

Andre was easy...a pirate.  Infact most of the boys in class came dressed with the same idea so.  We looked up the names of  a famous pirate and off Black Beard went to school very happy.

As for McKenzie this was a far greater challenge.  Luckily we had the leftovers of a white sheet, gold fabric bags that the curtains came in when they were made in Hong Kong and black tights to work with.

So I dragged this out of the tall cupboard down the hallway. ( I have tested the black and white function on the camera).

This antique works and probably is almost as old as me (and I am not an antique).  Oh and yes I can use it.
Anyway after working all week and finally getting the idea together in my head I got to making a Knights outfit.  Very basic with no pattern.

I sewed around the children having dinner at the table

(Note to self....lucky I had hair cut and coloured just the evening before)

So here is the Knight.  Not very creative but one very happy daughter.

My post would not be complete without a photo of the pirate.

Next week I need to create a Grecian Girl.  Wish me luck.