Sunday, 28 February 2010

Fridays Fabulous Five 26 February

As usual friday is a fabulous day of the week.

This weeks Fabulous 5 on Friday are

1.  My first scrapbooking page in nearly two months and I love it.

You can find the credits here at Nuts4Digi

2.  My favourite feeling in the summer is feet in the sand.  It just gives me that feeling of relaxation.

My family are happily posing for this shot.

3.  We have had the most marvellously warm summer and I will be sorry that it soon be autumn.  Anyway camping had its funny moments and this was one of them.

We borrowed some old camp stretchers for the children to use.  As you can see one stretcher could not cope with DS on it.  When this shot was taken he was busy sleeping soundly

4.  I was looking back at what I was trying to achieve this year and thought that I should look more seriously at the point I made about a date night.  So I am off to look here and do some research.  The titles look worth reading more into.

5.  Finally for this week.  I just love learning more about journaling and how I can enhance things. Over at AUDacious there has been a weeks free lessons on making great journaling.  I know it has already happened but I am going to be sure to go back and particpate anyway.