Sunday, 8 June 2014

Just how tidy is tidy?

After the usual two hour morning breakfast and medciation routine Hayden has made an incredible mess.  Lego, teddies, pens/ pencils, water bottles and know the sort of list that comes with Hayden a child like Hayden in the house.

So at the end of our routine, when the behaviour management medication has kicked in, Hayden somewhat compliantly packs up....  some mornings. The brain injury he has as manifested in behaviour, that when unmedicated is extreme.  Some mornings we can spend a good 10 minutes picking up every piece of Lego, every pen, book and anything else within reach, from around the family room.  The photo below is on a good morning and still only some of the stuff spread around the room.

So you can imagine just how happy I am when I get this result called tidy by Hayden just as he puts his shoes on to catch the taxi to his special school.

Yes everything might not be away or even away just the how I like it.  But it is sure better than having to spend the ten minutes gathering everything up the way it usually happens.