Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Monday Menu 30 August

It is the second to last day of winter and then officially it will be spring here.  I can not wait until this is really the case and I dont have to stand at saturday morning sport with about 5 outer layers on and the change of clothing in the car incase it rains.

So without further ado here is this weeks menu.

Monday  Frozen meal  Chicken Pie ( I have been saving this for sometime as work has been unusually busy and I know I am getting tired.  So drag this out of the freezer defrost warm and eat.  Sounds blissfully easy.)

Tuesday  Beef wraps

Wednesday  steak and salad with vege

Thursday  Crockpot meal.  Still using up my steak and kidney packs from the freezer.  Today I am going to try and create a sweat curry flavour. 

Friday  chicken and chips home made.

Saturday  Pumpkin soup with homemade bread on the bbq

Sunday  Leftovers

Sorry not many links this week.  I will put together a post about my crockpot recipe I think.

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