Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I am on a mission.

I know that each year I try to do something about my weight control etc etc so this year I have made a decision to document my efforts with a photo and some journalling.  I plan of teaching myself something about managing my emotional eating and finding the no excuse method of exercising.  Also I need to teach Hayden how to ride his bike safely around the footpaths so that I do not have to be limited by the fact that he is now too heavy to push in the all terrain buggy.  40kgs is just too much to manage now.  It is all part of my efforts to EMBRACE life this year.  So naturally I did a search and came up with a list of things to try.  I will report back to let you know what works and what doesn't.

Here it is:

1.  Learn to relax.........must work out some relaxing music to put on my ipod, deep breathing exercises is recommended and exercises to relax.  Thought that I might give this a try

2.  Try not to think negatively....memorise a self affirmation to repeatedly say.

3.  Exercise daily.....something that I am working on.

4.   Snacking....have guilt free snacks handy.  Go to the supermarket when full.

5.  Keep trying until you find something that works.

Hmmmmm I will see what it means for me.  Off to find the music, relaxing exercises and deep breathing exercises.  Must be a good place to start.

Edit  found the music on YouTube. Now to find the ipod stuff.


Tiffanee said...

Love the REAL ideas for change. I need to do the same. Thanks for giving me hope.

canpeg said...

Oh, I will be watching THIS space, Tamara. I need to read a few ways to lose some of this weight caused by stress. I plan on altering that this year ... we'll see :)

Good luck to you !