Friday, 28 January 2011

New 52 Weeks 2, 3 and 4

I have been on holiday and so am playing a little catch up with this challenge. 

Week 2

This I did just before we went camping.  Here I am for the first time in my life finishing a 1000 piece jig saw puzzle.  It is not something I had ever planned to do but well I got inspired and it too me way too much time over 3 days.

Week 3

This too was a surprise.  This year I have really taken on the challenge to show my children that it is not  only my Husband who does a whole range of things but I cant do them too.  So here I am just jumping as I swing off a Pohutukawa tree over hanging the beach.  I guess the rope was hanging about 20 m from the sand.  Sun a fun thing to do.  (Not a great photo though)

Just goes to show I can do these things too.

Week 4

Finally just before we came home I paddled a sea kayak about 200 m across an estuary to take this really bad photo of my daughter jumping into the water from a high branch in that tree. Now there is a photo of me paddling but I need to get it off my friends camera so I guess that photo will just have to be for another time.

Enough of the adventure stuff and now onto life back home.


Sue said...

Great catch-up post! WTG on completing the jigsaw, I always end up with missing pieces & THAT drives me nuts! I think your photos for week 3 & 4 are just great ... they give a real sense of the adventures & fun! Mum's can has fun too & this just proves it!!!

Tracey said...

The scenery is beautiful! And..WAY TO GO, MOM!

Christi said...

Wonderful "new" things. I used to love doing puzzles. I haven't done them for some time but have several.

I love the photo of you on the rope! Great adventures.

listgirl said...

Wow, what an adventurous New 52 you've had every week! Awesome on the puzzle, my husband LOVES puzzles. And look at you all Tarzan'ed up! It's a great action shot! Sounds like you had a fabulous holiday for sure!