Thursday, 27 October 2011


When time was mine and mine alone I used to love lying there on my back, enjoying a summers day just looking at the sky.  I loved to feel the sun beaming down on me and listening to all those native birds enjoying life around me.  A book at my side completes this picture.  Sadly there is very little for this in todays world. 

Just maybe one day in the future this will happen. again but at this time I am more than happy to give it up.

I hope you all find your moment to relax


Cathy said...

Even on our recent holiday I couldn't do this (completely and utterly relax) - probably had something to do with 3 little men! But I guess one day we will miss the craziness of life with small children too...

Veronica @ Mixed Gems said...

I often fel I'm squeezing me time out from my sleep time, like now, but I totally forgot me time in the past included such simple activities as laying in nature and looking at clouds, the sky, trees, birds, etc. even imagining that felt nice. I can then imagine how much nicer doing it again would feel!