Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Faith in Human Nature is Restored.

As I am out in the general stream of life sometimes I wonder exactly where the fabulously kind things in life happen.  I never seem to hear of them (except on TV) and yet there seems that there are the needy out there.

It just so happened last week the needy person was me. 

Hayden and I were at Starship hospital for an appointment latter in the day. When it was time to leave the appointment he decided that he did not want to go where I was going and do what I was doing.  No way.  Instead he packed a proper 2 year old tantrum and there I was having to carry my 22.0 kg strong child all the way to the car while carrying medication in one arm and him in the other.  I thought I would give him a chance to walk and at the chance he prompty sat on the footpath and refused to move.  All the people about just stood and stared at me.  Hmmmm I was thinking as I stood there contemplating what my next move would be.  So I had another go at carrying everything and everyone.  Only able to move a little further an angel appeared from behind me and asked if I would like some help.  Of course I accepted this help and the lady carried the medication to the car for me leaving me with two hands to carry Hayden.  she walked out of her way to do this.  I am ever so grateful for her help

I am sure my faith in human nature has been restored.  I am going to make sure I provide help when needed unasked for unexpected.  No thanks required. No recognition just the thought that someone has been helped will be enough for me.

(credit for photo photobucket)

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