Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Just look inside

With February being the month of things from the heart I thought that it would be timely to consider what it is deep inside me that I love. 

There is no way around it that most if not all, people have things they love that have never emerged to reach the light of day.  I am no exception. I love the fact though that the most important things that I love are out there for that matter to family.

But seriously it vital that I love myself first and foremost.  Without that nothing else really matters....well in my opinion.  I am at a point where, but I guess I have always known it, that I have to put myself first in the list of things I love.  As part of my life make over I more deeply realise that if I don't love myself then it is difficult to be a happy place.

So loving myself now looks like this:

  • make sure I exercise as it, by default, gives me time for myself.
  • eat a balanced diet and don't deny myself the treats.  They are part of the balance.
  • laugh......everyday.   I am sure it shares all those happy endorphins and it is contagious.  Finally I am sure that I have read somewhere laughing helps keep the face well toned and in my steadily advancing years that is important.
  • dream and be inspired to fill my life with things that I love.
 With that I leave you a quote to think about for today.

 (credits....all products by tangie baxter)

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