Sunday, 1 March 2009

Me...a follow up from yesterday.

So here I am today following up on yesterdays little rant with a page. It has that rare photo on it with a little journalling.

Credits..Ho Owls You by Cinnamon Designs. Font is La Bamba LET

The journalling is an after thought. After I had slept on the ramblings I wrote yesterday. Here's what it says......I was sitting here thinking about the things that I love about life. I thought that I say how much I love Brandt, and my children. Or say how much I love my MP3 player and the fact that the sun is shining today. I could say how much I love the weekends and the fact that I get to sleep in.

But I came to the conclusion that I would not be able to say that I love anything if it was not for that fact that I am loved by the people who mean most to me. This makes my life complete

I dont think any more needs to be said.

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Beth said...

Ah gees . . . I'm a cryer. You come to my blog and post. I want to come back to say hi to you and now, gees, I'm crying again!!

But in a happy, hopeful, sweet way. Thanks for sharing your journaling. It's very heart felt and it was nice to read!