Sunday, 1 March 2009

We went Box Carting.

When you have no choice but to stay home during the summer break it is difficult to keep children entertained and yet keep the tribe able to self entertain.

We started the holidays making a list. The children and I sat at the table one day and I listed everything suggested as long as it could be done in a day. Of course that eliminated the suggestions to get on a plane and go to visit Australia, go to the snow and other such things.

Instead we came up with such fun things as going to the beach, treking in the forests, baking, drawing, make and do projects, visiting the beach, going to the movies and others such things.

So armed with the list we set to and here are some LO showing these things.

Box Carting

Credits. Spring Showers kit by Lindsay Jane Designs at Scrapbook-Bytes. Font is Arial

Going to the beach

This photo was taken one day trying to capture the icon beach going tools. I had no idea that DD was in the background but loved the shot so much. Credits. rope from Seascape kit by Lindsay Jane Designs, background paper from Really Funky Water Colours by CRD, WA a blog freebie by Bethany. Font is 5th Grader

Running down Gran and Grandads drive to go swimming.

My children on a summers day this January. Credits. Everything from Spring Showers by Lindsay Jane Designs at Scrapbook Bytes. Fonts are Minion Pro and 1942 Report.

and of course the make and do projects.

Building a Seesaw

My children just last weekend. The journalling says....Take three budding playground designers. Find long and short pieces of leftover wood, stack and pack them ready to bear weight. Test drive the strength and balance of the design. Now you have a seesaw ready for use. Credits. border (recoloured) and photo template from Once Upon a Christmas Time by, Lili and Emily Merrit Design, background paper from Grandmas Pressed Flowers from WW, dream WA a blog freebie from WW, wire vine and scatter dots from Kickin up the Leave from WW

Font is Jellyka, Saint Andrew's Queen

and having a go at using the hammer.

DS1. The journalling says....Concentrating so hard to hit the nails. Okay really you were just working out how to make contact between the hammer and the nail. Credits Spring Caprice kit by Cinnamon Designs. Fonts is Scrap Kids

All in all a very successful summer break.

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