Friday, 22 October 2010


Success comes in all shapes and forms.  This year McKenzie has expereinced a lot of sporting success.  This is truely a testament to all the time and effort she puts into her hockey which she plays with passion.

Don't be fooled that this comes easy and without some heart break along the way.  McKenzie has missed a couple of friends birthday parties over the winter because of her hockey committments.  I am so proud of her though and hope that she will continue to bring to her hockey the same passion and dedication that I have seen this year. 

She has been rewarded handsomely winning trophies both at the club and regional represative level, she was named captain and had to conquer her fear of speaking in front of crouds and finally has been selected as part of a talent squad for next year.

Long may her passion and dedication last.

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canpeg said...

Well done, McKenzie !