Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Weather and Much more

Finally I am back to my blog. No excuses really but for the first couple of days after setting this up I sat in front of my computer thinking what shall I write about. Then my computer adopted a pesky virus which took me a number of days to get rid of. So now I am finally back here with the same question. What shall I write about?

Of course I thought…. the weather. Here in New Zealand summer is about to officially arrive and my children can’t wait to go swimming.

It was a perfect spring day today and what with DH away in Vancouver for work and DS1 in respite care for the weekend I thought DD, DS2 and I would brave the nearest shopping centre for a couple of things, search out a new gold fish as our renovations have not been kind to the longevity of the previous occupants of our tank, confirm DD’s birthday party and allow time for the children to charge around their grandparents pool.

A successful day as it turned out. I even found some time for scrapbooking. Now I just need to work out how to upload my layout into my blog. I guess that will be tomorrows job so don’t forget to check back.