Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday Menu 11 June

Another week is here.  Watch out world I think I am organised.

Monday  Shepperd Pie

Tuesday   Curried Chicken pasta

Wednesday  chicken noodle soup

Thursday  Crockpot stew

Friday  French Onion Soup with McKenzie bread.

Saturday  Cold meat, baked potato and salad

Sunday  leftovers

By the way I discovered this link to cooking for the month that is worth a thought or two.

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We live on a lifestyle block of 2 acres.  Half of the land is our yard and the other half is made into two paddocks for our cow.  Now right here and now I openly admit in our house we eat meat.  Not every day but more days in each week than not.

The move to this house September 2011 has been our first venture out of the suburbs and so it is also the first time we have had a cow in two paddocks.  Of course there has been many benefits to living on the rural fringe of Auckland.  We now have a yard for the bikes to ride around in, Hayden no longer wants to run away from home and we don't have to take extreme measures to keep him safe, we love our privacy and not hearing road noise and neighbours.  Really the list is endless.

Now we are half way through the year and our cow is nearly 12 months old.  The winter is here so we will winter him over but that leaves us with Hayden and that friendship he has developed.  I know friends with a cow but you need to know Hayden to understand that he really loves this animal which we bought with the view to filling our freezer with some leftover to share.

I hope that Hayden is not capable of understanding what we have done with the cow when the time comes and the calf that will replace it will be a suitable replacement.

The he can begin all over again teaching the calf how to trust him, that Hayden really just wants something to talk to and he really wants to know why the cow does not want to give him a ride.

(Credits found at Nuts4digi here)