Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The phone for my Tweenager

So it has been a hot topic of conversation this year.  You might know the one that says

                         'Mum everyone has a phone and I don't.  I need one."

My standard response has been something like this

'What do you need a phone for?  Who is going to pay for it? When theright moment arrives then I will reconsider this decision.'
Of course that first moment to challenge my decision arrived and I agreed that now was the right time for a phone.  Naturally it comes with a set of rules which we have agreed to.  Here they are;
  • the phone is not to be one the table during meal times
  • the phone must not be taken to family/ social events where social intereaction is more important that sitting there txting.  It must be left at home.
  • the phone is to be switched off during study and homework times.
  • the phone is to be left it's overnight spot by 6.30pm.  (Oh yes we go to bed early in our house because we get up early)
  • I will only pay for txting and in return the bedroom of said child. will be spick and span every weekend with no exceptions. Dusting, vacuuming, cleared surfaces and all washing out in the basket
  • I can check the nature of txting going on and no txts can be deleted until I have done so.
  • the phone must be used in a way that complies with the school rules.  I will not be rushing into school to get back for her if it get conviscated.  Well not in any hurry.
Naturally I bought the cheapest phone I could get.  It can not take photos, it can make phone calls and send txts.  This is despite the protests that friends
                         'all have touch phones and I want one too'.

Thankfully my tweenager has not yet realised about wireless connectivity because then a new set of rules will need to be thought about.

Then there are the consequeces that would see the removal of a phone for a specific lenght of time.  Yes a boundary has been breached and yes I have had a phone sitting in my sock draw for a week.  I think the lesson has been learnt, well for the time being.