Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Children and the Internet

I have to say that my children don't get  much access to the computers in our house but I can see the time is coming that this is about to change.  So the summer holidays was a time to lay out some ground rules for operations that we all could negociate to a happy point.

Here they are

1.  No Google searches without Mum or Dad present

2.  Only use pages that are bookmarked in Favourites

3.  Use is a 20 minute time frame once a day.

4.  Do downloading at all.

5.  No sharing name, phone number, address or photos with anyone on the internet.

6.  No joining anything.

7.  One child at a time on the computer.

So I was wondering as my children are still at primary schoo,l if there is anything that I have missed off the list and if so what.  So far it has worked well enough.  I have set up each child with their own window on the computer and their own bookmarks.  I have parent controls set age approapriately and really the last thing that needs attention is to bring the computer into the family space so it can be easily seen.

The consequece is in the rules.  Break the rules loose the use of the computer.

Wordless Wednesday 3 March

Another installment of Wordless Wednesday.

Have a great day