Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wordless Wednesday 17 November

Here is my photo for the week.  I am linked to Babble On and Wordless Wednesday

I tried to get a fun photo for my Christmas cards this year.  This shot is one of the many I took.  Still looks for the right photo and am going to try again this weekend.

Being Reminded

Two weeks ago I was realy sick with a kidney infection. It really laid me out.  In fact I don't think that I have ever been as unwell as I was for that time.  The sore back the hot and cold shakes and shivers etc.  It was very timely to be reminded that once again I am not superhuman. 

More to it there is nothing like remembering how important it is to look after my health.  As a consequence of me being so unwell my husband, who was away overseas with work had to return home.  This took him two days to do.  I couldn't get out to bed to tend to Hayden, my disabled sons medical plan in the early evening and middle of the night and finally I had to rely on my Mum to come and help me out.

Three days of IV antibiotics followed by a 7 day oral antibiotic plan and I was well but tired.

The moral of the story is always go to the doctor when you feel unwell (even if you only think that you have pulled a muscle in your back like I did).  I realise this now that I have been told that I should have been in hospital but the medical profession did not know what to do with my disabled son.  Lastly I must have an emergency care plan for Hayden.

I hope you all keep well in the months to come and do not end up in a predicament like me

Monday Menu 16 November

I am late posting this but I promise I always write this menu on a Sunday night.  Naturally sunday night for me is saturday night for others in the world

Monday  crockpot corned beef with baked potato and green vege  (This recipe was a winner)

Tuesday  Spaghetti Bolignaise

Wednesday  Bacon and Egg  Pie and baked potato with salad

Thurdsay  curried chicken salad with baked whole wheat tortilla chips

Friday  Hamburgers homemade

Saturday  Out for dinner

Sunday  leftovers used on pizza for a gormet topping of vege.