Thursday, 23 September 2010

My Voice

My voice is my tool.  I can't go to work without my voice as I am a teacher, I cant make conversation.  In fact there is very little that I can do without my voice working.  So this week, as I have been working everyday, my voice has been affected by a common cold.  Yes that's all it can take to interfere with the power I need to talk all day. 

It is amazing though how well children can respond when you use your voice differently to preserve it.

I don't doubt that my voice will return when the school term has finished and I can actually rest it.  Having a sore voice then having to use it complicates it and now it is strained a little.  Not good.

So in order to save my sore voice and add a bit of humour to my day here is my sore voice.

I guess I had better stop talking now so that my voice has a chance to recover for my working day tomorrow.