Thursday, 2 July 2009

More drama....tooth extraction required.

Baby son, okay if he was reading this, he would be objecting to that title after all he is 5 years old, damaged a front too when he was two. It killed the nerve but stayed in his gum.

Here you can see the blackened tooth.

Well the tooth came to a dramatic end today. To cut a long story short, his tooth had been sore for some time. We did visit the school dental nurse, nothing wrong.

How wrong could she have been. The gum above the tooth has been a problem since the visit and to be honest I thought think that son is a little bit of a softy and didn't pay too much attention. How wrong could I have been. Tuesday night I took much more notice as I thought that it had been sore for some time and there at the top of the gum above the tooth was a large abscess. By large I mean about 1cm wide and just short of 5mm high. Boy did I feel like a bad mother.

So the next morning I rang the doctors and I couldn't get hold of the school dental nurse. DH made the doctors visit as I was working, then of course the he was told the dentist was necessary as the tooth needed removal.

All drama for a little 5 year old and his Dad. When I got home from work baby son told me that he had a numb gum, teeth, lips and nose, with a big smile on his face. DH tells me he had to step out of the room as blood and other such this make him pass out.

Here he is with his sore mouth

Then a close up view. Just what you all wanted to see.

A look at the disintegrating tooth. There you can see the hole that caused the problem.

Of course he still wanted to go and play hockey and won player of the day.