Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Someone in our house is a runner.

It is always amazing when I discover new about one of my children.  I think that I know them really well but today I discovered that McKenzie is really keen on running.  Not just sprints but cross country running, 2.5 kilometers.  Undulated course with mud and cow pats to negociate was all part of the fun.

This photo does not give a really good perspective of what it was like today at Paparimu School but look at those hills in the distance.  They are opposite the hill I am standing on.  The children had to run down and up the hills twice.  Not an easy ask for anybody.

Of course what would a blog post without a photo of the runner in question coming up to the finish line in 6th place.

So I was thinking.  I would be great to keep this interest up.  I am currently investigating some orienterring in the summer, after the hockey is finished.  Just the perfect follow on from cross country and all of that Hash we did while living in Brunei but that is another post.

As for me.  It was a crisp day today.  I wore many layers to keep warm and was very lucky that it was not raining.  I am told that this even is held even when it is raining and this was the first year in may that it hasn't rained.  My new gumboots did not get tested to their maximum today.  Not that I am complaining.