Sunday, 30 August 2009

Trust in the Process

DS Hayden has spent the weekend in Residential Respite care. I have to say that initially when we were allocated government funded care I felt guilty because I couldn't wait for it to kick into place so that we could get a break, I could sleep through the night even consider going on holiday etc etc etc.

Now I have overcome this guilt, thank goodness, and got to the point where I can say that the women who work at the place Hayden stays at are wonderful, he loves going there, gets weekends full of fun and adventure and I can trust in the process in place and say that Hayden is getting the best care.

If I was unable to trust this process then the weekends we have without Hayden would not be a break, a time to sleep, relax, go out and do things normal families do. Our family has come to rely on these days for all sorts of things especially to bond without the ever present tension that is associated with Hayden

It is not that we don't love him but the breaks help us to stay strong while he is with us.

The view as we go across the Auckland Harbour Bridge on a fabulous winters day. Photo overlay by Emily Powells. Everytime that Hayden gets to this point in our trip across Auckland, he tells me he is going to Wilson Home and that he likes going there.

So thank you to all the wonderful people involved with Hayden's residential respite care. Without my ability to trust in you and what you do I don't think I could have let him go.