Friday, 18 June 2010

The Latex Glove

I write thinking how lucky I have been this week because it was a close call as to whether Hayden needed to go to hospital as he has been vomiting every morning since Monday.  Vomiting for Hayden leads easily and quickly to deyhdration and then hospital because IV fluids are needed for rehydration in the volume he would have required.  Thankfully today he seemed over It, (whatever It might have been) and we have moved beyond the alert.

So I am prompted to start simple. in my hosipital entertainment posts.  I sure might have needed these few ideas had Hayden not shown improvement.

The first resources you need are nothing less that the latex gloves that every hospital ward has and a permanent marker.  I keep one in my ready packed hospital bag.

Then you do what comes naturally with these two items.  Draw.  This one I quickly did when we were in at another of the many Consultants appointments at Starship Hospital, that Hayden has.

Hayden loves these.  Sometimes we make birds or monsters.  Sometimes he has the sole control, which an be a little dangerous as permanent markers are water resistent.

Of course the trusty glove can be used for other things.  I am well known for making a cricket ball out of gloves.  This can be so much fun but be warned,  it takes a lot of energy on my part to keep it going if it is a popular choice.

Here is the trusty cricketball.  It is about the size of a tennis ball and hard as concret but way too dangerous for any hospital ward.  My version is much more fun. 

Take your glove and put a little water in it.  Now this is not an exact science but if you put enough water to fill the fingers up to the knuckles and tie a water tight knot you will be ready to have fun.  The water gives the glove ball direction and unpredictabiliy. 

Now here is what to do:

1.  Give it a spin.  Look at that stretch and then the delight on your childs face.
2.  Bowl it.  It works just fine.
3.  If you tie the knots in the fingers and thumb then it looks great when it is thrown.  You might even need to stand the corridor to bowl that ball.

All in all this can be very infectious especially on those days when your child is bed ridden but feeling a little better and acting twice as bad as when they were at their worst.

I will try and take some more photos tomorrow to add to this.

In the mean time I hope that you don't need these ideas anytime soon. 

Project 365

I was not sure if this year I would be able to commit to this project.  Unfortunately my computer failed in January and I thought that I had lost everything especially as my EHD failed at the same time.  So I diligently started taking my photos again so that I would have a year in record.

Luckily my computer was fixed everything was recovered and I still had all my photos.  So a simplified my process and carried on.  Not having posted any of my this years project anywhere necessarily I thought I would back track a little, start with the month of May a give you all a little peek at what we have been up to this year.

All the products come from SS 5 kit  from Weeds and Wildflowers and the templates were also from there.

I did learn somethings last year from completing the process of taking the photos and making the pages. 

1.  My photography improved because I learnt how to use my camera
2.  The little things are worth recording as well as the big events.
3.  The whole family loved seeing the photos and even took the odd photo for me.
4.  The little bits of journalling are vital to the whole story
5.  Not all photos need to be people.
6.  It was fun (and heavy) carrying my camera everywhere. 

I am excitedly looking forward to the printing of my last year pages.  I can't wait to show them all off to everyone.

So I will be back to put up the rest of the months that I have done in the weeks to come.