Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fridays Fabulous 5 # 17

Welcome to this weeks finds.

1.  I just love this canvas so I am linking you up.  I am thinking it will make a great gift

2.  If you are into digital scrapbooking then Donna Duncombe has a freebie going on her facebook     page.  She has a grea style which is bright and fun.

3.  How about making some homemade wash cloths.  I got in my email this pattern. 

4.  How about a quick read on school lunches.  Just incase you are feeling a little jaded and need a new view point.

5.  Finally most relevant in my house this article about tweenage girls.


Why is breakfast such a difficult meal to encourage my children to eat especially my 11 year old.  I know we are all tired.  The getting up at 5.30am is a real killer and worse when Hayden wakes up before 5.00am.

On the same hand on know that it is such an important meal that without breakfast your ability to function effectively throughout the day is severely limited.  Not only that it is a long day in our house and without food energy will sure wain and childrens behaviours sure can turn to the negative.....just like mine at times.

So in the last week or two I have trying to work out about breakfast for my children, especially my daughter who is playing a lot of hockey for the next six weeks or two.

This is what I have found works especially when DH is away for work and I am having to sit with Hayden for the next 2 hours and do his food and medication.  This is when, unfortunately, the children need to organise their own breakfast, where I try and make it as easy as I can so they can come to where I am sitting with Hayden.

  • porridge, in pre organised packages.  I know this is an expensive way to go but is easy for Andre who is 8, to manage.
  • a variety of cereals from Weetbix and Weetbix bites.  Easy to serve with yoghurt made in my Easy Yo yoghurt maker.
  • spaghetti on whole grain bread (toast)
  • fresh fruit
  • not forgetting the drink of milk
Now my children are able to make something to have in hurry, something that is filling so that they are not hungry again until morning tea time.

You can read more about this on the Kiwi Families web site.