Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday 23 May

Today my photo is a little bit of Kiwi number 8 wire technology.

Here you have my DH version of a peg bucket.  It has a piece of bent wire as a hook, a plastic hook from the useless peg bucket that broke.  The bucket is a plant pot which is really perfect as it has pre made holes in for the water to drain away.  What more could I need?

I think I might just have to start selling this little beauty.

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Why is it that you tend to make a mess before things start looking better?

I am looking at the front of my house.  It is sadly needing some work done to the garden...well that is if you call it a garden.  Of course gardens cost money to construct and that is something that is not available just yet.  Fortunately it is the right time of the year to do some planting.  We, in Auckland, have just experienced the warmest April since records begun and even though we are having cool evenings and very fresh mornings the days are beautifully sunny.  Just look at this morning, the sky and my paddocks look just perfect for a May morning.

Costing nothing but our labour DH and decided to move the lovely New Zealand native flaxes that have been planted in the front.  I love these flaxes as the attract the Tui when in flower.  Unfortunately they grow really large, have plenty and messy flowers when really close to the house and really look best in wide spaces.  This flax can be seen road side in a large group.  Spectacular really. 

Well, with spade in hand, DH and I dug and pulled and tugged and transplanted the three flaxes and put them in our yard. 

(Here is the front of the house with the blocks just resting waiting for me to do something with them.  The dirt will all need to be moved back from the deck so we can paint it and then dirt with need to be bought so we can build a garden.)

Now of course the front of the house looks way worse than when we started,  the masonary blocks need to be sold or got rid of and something a little more tasteful put in the front as a border and eventurally in place of the flaxes and Yukkas (they are going too) we are planning a cottagy kind of garden.  You know the sort.  One that has lots of green and flowers and is very tolerant of my type of gardening.  Hmmmm the plant and hope sort of gardening.

So after a few days work work and looking glorious our flaxes have a new home.  I could not help but take this photo of one in its wide space looking stunning against the setting sun.  So I guess that the messy front is well compensated for my happily surviving, newly transplants New Zealand Flax.