Friday, 12 March 2010

Starting the Day

Our day starts like many with the hustle and bustle of prepartion for the school and working day.  We, of course, have uniques challenges and routines, that help Hayden get started for the day which add an extra dimension, but really breakfast, music, speech/drama practice, tidy bedrooms and chores are all there.

I have tried to be really organised which in turn creates for a happier and smoother funtioning start to the day.  This is especially important when my DH is away.

1.  I have a list on the fridge of the chores for the children to do and roughly in what order they need to be done in.   This means very little thinking needs to be undertaken and the expectations are already set in place.  But I really love this idea in the esty shop.  Perhaps I need to invest in some magnetic paint.

2.  Breakfast is always the same during the school term. It is predictable.

3.  The little moments I spend with each child as I get them out of bed at 0600hrs.  This is when I make sure they feel happy about starting their day.  Our little moment before the whirlwind Hayden is up.

4.Lunches are prepared the night before and finished in the morning. 

5.  Bags are put by the front door when packed then everyone knows that they are ready to go when everything else is completed.

So we try and welcome the day with smiles on our faces and happy endorphins floating around and if I am lucky the washing on the line before we all step foot out the door.