Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The holidays list

Here the holidays are short and it is the two week break that lands in winter.  Just after the winter equinox and the weather then decides to turn bad and remember that it is officially winter.  This ofcourse limits our choice of outdoor activities but does not limit the amount of fun we can have.  (Ok the holiday are on day two and I have already done two of these things today)

Orthodontist appointment for McKenzie

Performing Arts Competition for McKenzie

Hospital visit to sort Hayden port a cath

Drop off and pick up Hayden from Residential Respite Care

Make a herb garden for the deck

A movie and popcorn afternoon.

Make friendship braclets with McKenzie

Out on a family picnic (hope the weather sorts itself out)

Go play golf with Andre, ok I will caddy

The egg and vinegar experiement

A hand shadow night.

Out to the movies (I am sure the weather dictate this)

Baking with the children

Those cleaning jobs around the house.

Wardrobe shelving needs to be built

Out exercising me with the children on their bikes