Sunday, 3 June 2012

May in Numbers

Gosh May has been a busy month in my house.  I am not sure that my numbers truely reflect this but anyway here is my month in numbers.

17 is the number of days that we have had our fire going this winter so far.  As we do not have any other form of heating/ cooling and are suckers for a warm house we have a wood burner.  Luckily we have access to a renewable pine plantation that provides us with free fire wood.

3  is the number of flaxes we moved from the front of the house to the back.  It was a big job but now it is done.

Sadly we had 1 rear end accident.  Not our fault as we were stopped at a red traffic light but the insurance company is really trying to treat us as a the bady in this situation.  Unfortunately it was our little airport car.  The one my husband takes out to the airport and leaves there while he is out of the country.  Now it looks like the insurance company is trying to right off our car and then we will be stuck and we dont have the cash at this moment to replace it.  So here is the 7 days of struggling with the insurance company and more days to come.

Luckily in May we had only 8 autumn days of rain.  Fabulous really.  I guess that was why our fire went on as our mornings were frost and 0 degrees C but the days gloriously sunny.  This photo is sunset on one of those fabulous days.

Then there were the 4 children I took to Haydens renal appointment at Starship Hospital.  Luckly there were 2 Clown Doctors and 1 rescue helcopter to give some entertainment.

(This photo is found here along with an article worth a read especially if you are one of the creative people)

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