Friday, 27 June 2014

Fridays Fabulous Five # 59

It is heading for the end of the school term here and we are all tired.  I have to say being a Mum taxi driver is exhausting.

Here are my links for this week.

  • For Minecraft fanatics here are some free printables.
  • The batteries in my kitchen scales stopped working so this link really helped when making cookies in my house last weekend.
  • I am a teacher so I think this paint is just what every teacher of new to school 5 year old could find handy.
  • Looking for new fonts.  How about this list of great title fonts from eighteen25
  • Asthma awareness is coming up in New Zealand and a video competition is being run.  The school where I teach has entered so enjoy.

Enjoy your weekend

I am going there again.....

Next time it is freezing cold, wet and plain old miserable I think that I want to go to  watch my children play hockey here.

Now look closely, those red looking lights are not lights but heating.  Yes you read it here.  On the seating......stand for spectators there is over heat heating.  I think of all those very early frosty Saturday mornings and  no heating.  Now DD is playing secondary school hockey we get heating.   

Now to have a word in the ear of the person who writes the draw so they can make this location happen for us every Thursday evening.