Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wordless Wednesday 13 June

This is what happens when it rained last weekend and my children wanted to play outside.

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How Early is too Early?

If you think anything before 6 am is too early you would be mistaken.  In our house we are up before 6, in fact at 5.40 am.  But what would you think if I asked if before 5 am...would it be too early?  Oh yes in my house way too early. 

Sadly Hayden is either wide awake or fast asleep.  Just in the last two weeks he has been waking really early before 5.  Ordinarily that would not be too much of a problem as most people would be able to stay in their be and go back to sleep, maybe read a book and yes one of those wonderful women I work with even got up to do the ironing at 4.30am because she woke up.  It is not the case with Hayden.  He is bursting with energy waiting to run and meet the day.  Luckily he has stopped wanting to jump out of the window so he can run around the outside of the house to bang on my window.  The result is incesant calling out waking everyone up as he did this morning.  Hmmmm just maybe it was wrong the leave Hayden in his bedroom until I was ready to get up.