Saturday, 30 October 2010


I love summer.  I love the smiles that some with the warm sun,  the smells of grass being cut and barbeques.  I love the feeling of sun on my skin. So last weekend when the those first days of really warm weather and th children were asking me if they could go for a swim I packed a picnic and took them to Kariotari Beach.  It is a 40 minute drive with black sand (because of iron ore).  It was perfect.  The salty wind gently blew the children we having fun and all was good.

You can see the iconic flags found at beaches across New Zealand to keep the swimmers safe.  This beach is prone to rips.

We didn't spend too long there and the children were all sun screened up with hats and such like.  They had just been for a swim here and couldn't wait to go and find shells to design sandcastles with.

Of course such memories need to be recorded more permanently so here is my page.

The kit and template are by the lovely Donna Duncombe.  Credits are found here.