Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Wordless Wednesday 21 July

Here is my Wordless Wednesday post

This is what life looks like after you have been out jogging the road with Dad and run full speed into a tree.

McKenzie was more sorry about how she was going to look than anything else.

Ode to my Daughter

So this is not an ode but something I have been thinking about in our house especially since my daughter will turn 10 this year and has been coming home from school talking about diet.  Now I know that there are plenty of dietry issues in our house as Hayden doen't eat enough caleries to sustain life so I am alway thinking these things.  This event with my daughter really got me thinking about things to be building into our life now so body image etc do not become issues.  So here is my list just randomly written as I thougth about them.

  • As mum I am trying to be a positive role model.

  • Listen hard to you as my daughter and help you feel valued

  • Support you in all your sporting endeavours by becoming a hockey mum.

  • I want to encourage you to take risks. Not just any risks but to climb trees, race go carts ride the waves etc etc. so that you have no need to take extreme risks later.

  • I want to help you respect yourself as you grow into a young woman.

  • I will be there to support you when you screw up,

  • I will support you to develop postitive self esteem. Love who you are both in body and mind.
I even scrapbooked these thoughts so they don't get lost in cyberspace.

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