Tuesday, 27 November 2012

When Painting the House

We have begun plainting the house outside.  All 320 sq/m of roof, 150 sq/m of deck and house walls to match.  Thats just this summer.  The inside will need doing to but that will be the next phase.

So the tin roof is a constant work in progress.  It can only be done when it is not too hot and needs a double coat so the roof and walls are both in progress. 

We have tried to be a little less traditional with the wall colours but at the same time not offensive to the main population.

I have been helping during the weekends and my husband is painting all the days when he is home from work.  I love that DH is beavering away at it while I am working hard to pay for all that paint.  I am sure there will plenty of posts about this project as we go.

Here is part of the house front.  Lets call this the before photo

Here we are in the shade doing the carport wall last week.  The photo makes the paint look grey but you can take it from me it is a pastel shade of teal.  I guess that will be for another post.

You will note the small part of me showing has my hair totally covered.  That is because it costs me heaps to colour my natural greying hair and don't want to add freehand splatters to the piece of art on my head already.

Mondays Menu 26 November

My blog took a break last week and I really missed my menu so I am back to it this week even though I am posting a little late

Monday  easy fried rice

Tuesday  spaghetti bolignaisee

Wednesday  crockpot beef with a combination of whatever I have in the pantry

Thursday  creamy coconut stirfry noodles and vege

Friday  Asian chcken wraps

Saturday  bbq chicken with salad

Sunday party food.

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